Our Nixburg Leather

Heinen Leather
Wegberg, Germany

In a small town in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany sits Heinen Leather – a multiple award-winning tannery founded in the 1800s.

Combining our vision with Heinen’s 128 years of family expertise and advanced German technology, we developed a new full-grain leather that is waterproof, lightweight, and beautifully soft to touch. It uses 80% less water and 75% less energy to create than average leathers and is sourced only as a byproduct of local farms. It’s so unique that it's protected under trade secret.


Our Master Leatherworkers

Rayata Accessories
Montreal, Canada

Raymond Attayek is a Lebanese immigrant to Canada who has been making leather bags by hand for decades at one of the last luxury bag factories in North America. In deciding to work with us, he remarked that there’s “just something about” LeDaveed that draws him in.

We appreciate Raymond’s extraordinary eye and slight (or not-so-slight) obsession about stitching detail. We also love his heart. He is often seen cracking jokes with his close-knit team, and unlike many other owners, he still works on the shop floor of his factory decades after his humble beginnings.


Our Swiss-Made, Hand-Finished Zippers

Riri Group
Mendrisio, Switzerland

If you’ve ever had a bag, sweater, or jacket rendered useless because of a broken zipper, you’ll understand why we insist on using Swiss-made, hand-finished Riri zippers on our bags.

Far less common than mass-produced zippers made in Asia, Riri zippers slide easily, look beautiful, and are truly classy. We invested in them because we want your bags to last. You won't be able to go back after.


Our Recycled Water Bottle Lining

Vardhman Textiles
Punjab, India

Inner linings are often forgotten in bags – too thin, too cheap, and too toxic. Our premium twill is tightly woven, soft, and highly durable – and the pop colors make it a ton of fun.

The fabric is spun made from 65% recycled water bottles and 35% organic cotton, and is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified – so not only is it a treat to the eye, but it’s highly respectful of the planet.


Our Italian Clips & Snaps

ABC Morini
Tuscany, Italy

Our relationship with ABC Morini began when we met John, one of their longtime reps. He saw our passion for intricate detail and showed us both the usual stock and his secret collection. Explaining why he works so hard to ensure we are happy, he said “I feel that here are two young people who know what the hell they are doing.”

Our bags have an average of 10+ clips and snaps on them. These are small details that weigh heavily on the aesthetic and function of what you carry. Florence-based ABC Morini is the global leader in bag hardware – they don’t disappoint.