Certfied B Corporation

One of our biggest achievements is our Certfied B Corporation status – the standard awarded to exceptionally progressive startups with stringent integrity and responsibility standards. We are first luxury leather bag company in the world to earn this status. Among the most well-known B Corps is Patagonia, a company we admire and are constantly learning from.

1% for the Planet

We have committed to donate 1% of our annual sales, forever, to environmental causes. What we continue to learn about fashion’s impact on the environment is alarming. The leather and textile industries – two areas of particular interest for us – are major offenders. It is important to acknowledge that all companies which sell products or services, including ours, contribute to climate change and we want to make sure we keep our impact on the planet light.

Reforestation in Uganda

Our energy use in leather production is approximately 75% lower than average. Despite this, we weren’t comfortable with any carbon dioxide emissions resulting from our leather, so we paid a small fee – under $1 per bag – to offset them by supporting the Kikonda Forest Reserve reforestation program in Uganda. Our Nixburg Null leather is carbon-neutral. In the leather bag industry, we’re pretty sure that’s a first!