As a Partner at an investment firm, Andy Dale (middle name David) realized his job wasn’t aligned with the values of empowerment and integrity he wanted to live every day. To the shock of his peers, he quit. A viral Facebook post by Andy spelling out the values of the company he dreamed of creating led to a meeting with Shira Abramsky. Shira had spent nearly a decade in product development at three high-end bag brands, and shared the desire to use her expertise to generate a positive impact. Emboldened by their mission to create thoughtful products that inspire, they launched LeDaveed.

Thoughtful design

Too often, luxury bags don’t look out for your basic needs – whether it’s attaching to your luggage for travel, storing your laptop properly, or sitting comfortably on your shoulder. It’s because large brands have stripped key features to boost profits. Our bags are designed thoughtfully to make your journey a breeze.

Thoughtful components

We use materials from Germany, Italy, and Switzerland that we have newly engineered and specially sourced to add beauty and practicality. Our Nixburg Bullskin™ trade secret leather uses sophisticated technology to make it waterproof and lightweight – plus incredibly soft.

Thoughtful production

We produce our bags at one of the last luxury bag factories in North America. Working with this team of master leatherworkers allows us to embed an amount of detail into our bags that is extremely rare in luxury.

Thoughtful about the world

Our leather uses 80% less water to produce than average leathers and is sourced only from byproducts of farms in northern Germany. We’re also the first luxury leather bag company in the world to be awarded Certified B Corporation status.