Our new logo, and what it stands for
Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and I’m releasing LeDaveed’s new logo in memory of three Holocaust survivors – my grandfather Joseph, his sister Henia, and his brother, David – and also in memory of the millions of others who perished, including many in my family.

While the company has already morphed a lot, I’ve steadfastly maintained its name, because the name carries our values, and these values – humanity, integrity, exceptional quality, and insanely high enviro-social standards – have not, and will never, change.

My grandfather was a shoemaker. He came to Canada after the Holocaust with nothing. He proceeded to build a life for himself and his family by saving every penny he made from the penny loafers he handcrafted and sold.

His brother, David, whom I am named after and is the “Daveed” in our name, survived the Holocaust as a resistance fighter in the Lithuanian forest – forest so dense that my family in Israel, when visiting it a few years ago, was shocked that anyone could survive even a week in it – let alone years.

We spent months on this logo, and of course, like in everything we do, we asked you to help us – including the exceptional Yehezkel Lipinsky and the dozens of others who gave us feedback.

You told us that what strikes you most about LeDaveed is its humanity. Its authenticity.

You told us that you want to hear human stories of resilience and dedication to craft. Of the family in rural Germany who has been making leather for 125 years at one of the world’s most prestigious tanneries. About the immigrant to Canada who came with so little and has sewn bags in blue-collar Chabanel, Montreal for 30 years and has become so successful, celebrities now turn to him for limited edition lines (PS – that’s where we are producing!).

So here’s the logo. The gold diamonds – curved at the bottom – angled at the top – represent a progression, a refinement. A growing up of sorts, from seedling of a company to one that will be in production in March – this rapid pace of development only made possible by YOUR feedback. The interlinking represents our inexorable link with our followers, our stakeholders, the community, the environment, and our past.

And the finishing touch – of course – is a human signature. A real human signature. Because everything we do is made by, shaped by, and crafted by human hands – just like my grandfather did, and just like we will do for you.

So, I’m reintroducing you to LeDaveed. Our samples are being meticulously refined, our website is on the way, and production will come in March.

For now, say hello to our new logo, and hello to the new LeDaveed!