Big-time pride.

It’s with big-time pride we announce that Heinen Leather, a storied 125-year-old German tannery and the world leader in socially responsible leather, has awarded North American exclusivity to LeDaveed.

Heinen, run by fourth-generation CEO Thomas Heinen in the small town of Wegberg, is renowned for its exceptional leather craftsmanship. We traveled to Germany to research the operation in person and were blown away by Heinen’s award-winning history, its attention to detail, and its emphasis on responsibility. Many of Heinen’s employees have been with the company for decades.

Heinen, which has worked with some of the world’s leading fashion brands, is the only remaining full-service footwear and accessories tannery left in Germany. This means that it does not import its hides from overseas, and completes all tanning and dyeing in-house.

Heinen sources hides only from certified local farms that are a by-product of the meat industry and uses biodegradable chemicals. In fact, we witnessed first-hand the river running through Heinen’s property – it is pristine, and even drinkable. In the leather business, this is exceedingly rare.

Heinen’s leather is made under the TerraCare name and is the driving force behind the company being a three-time Gold Medal winner (2012, 2013, 2014) of the Leather Working Group and earning the first Energy Controlled Leather certification in the world.
We combined LeDaveed’s expertise with Heinen’s to custom-design our own leather, called Nixburg. It has been tumbled to provide an incredible natural pebbling. It’s on a boat right now, being shipped from Germany for production. We can’t wait to show it to you!