Nixburg Null FTW

In two hours, I'll be presenting to a global group of water technology excecutives.

The topic? Our Nixburg Null leather, which is groundbreaking in terms of its conservation of, and respect of, water systems. We've been recognized as an Ontario Water Success story - an example of a business taking innovative approaches to think about the world's water crisis.

I have 6 minutes and 40 seconds, in what's called a Pecha Kucha - a 20-slide, picture-only presentation, with exactly 20 seconds per slide - to tell our story.

I was up until 3 am working, but not on the presentation. I was analyzing our performance from a series of test ads we ran on Facebook over the last few weeks, to allocate many thousands of dollars of ad spend into the holiday season - which I need to do over the next 24 hours.

This is what dreams are made of!