LeDaveed's Pride

Hey all – it’s Andrew. If you’ve never seen our mission, this is what is says:

"Make products that look amazing, last a long time, in a way that inspires our customers to take pride in owning them."

Ah, Pride.

The majority of our customers are straight males. But the reality is that LeDaveed is filled with gay-ness. And I use that word in the most flattering of ways.

This morning, we were invited to present to the Gaingels, a group of LGBTQ angel investors looking invest in for-profit businesses with LGBTQ Founders.

Shortly, I’m off to Google – it’s an event called “Taking Pride in Toronto’s LGBTQA+ Technology Community.”

5 years ago, I was one of the first investment banker / private equity investors to come out in Canada. It was incredibly nervewracking. I had been out privately for several years, but word somehow never spilled over to Bay Street. At that point, I could NEVER have imagined a group of LGBTQ angel investors. Holy, eff. What an experience.

The presentation went amazingly well today.

I realized that when you peel back our great product and early traction (and yes, it's early), our success is a result of LeDaveed being “queer” in its values. We do things creatively, with honestly and with integrity, even when it’s complex or difficult. In the for-profit world, that’s rare. I’m convinced this queerness comes from years of trying to conform. Of wearing navy suits and white shirts, and blend in to sell the $500 million deal.

For me, today’s events are about more than networking – it’s about the notion that carrying oneself with pride, being vulnerable, and not compromising on who you are leads to success. We’re proving it before your eyes.

Happy Pride, from LeDaveed!