How We Do Black Friday

On Wednesday November 22, we’re beginning our first-ever Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. It’s the prime time of year to buy leather bags.

We have mixed feelings about this.

Leather is too often a dirty business. Especially with regard to water, which (besides the hide) is the most important ingredient. Tanneries waste massive amounts of H2O in countries that don’t have clean water to begin with – and then dump the toxic waste into rivers where local communities bathe and drink. In Bangladesh, where the average life expectancy is 72, tannery workers die at 50.

All of this while the industry moves the wrong way – lower quality, higher prices.

We’re proud of our North American exclusivity with Heinen Leather and the invention of Nixburg Null. It uses 80% less water than the average leather, as we rely heavily on recycling and a carefully measured recipe. And crucially, no water pollution occurs with Nixburg Null: our tannery has an advanced on-site treatment facility. In fact, the river running through the tannery is used for drinking water in Germany and Holland. We believe Nixburg Null is the cleanest leather in the world.

But we also feel the need to take a stand and lead in other ways. Through Cyber Monday, our entire site and 127 Ossington Toronto pop-up will be 15% off. $15 from every purchase will be donated to WaterAid, to support clean water, sanitation, and hygiene globally.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a bag, go ahead and save some money. But also know that you’re doing your part to help mitigate the world’s water crisis, so we can make it a Blue Friday.
Carry with Purpose.

Andrew Dale
Founder & CEO