Part of the 1%

Today, on the day that the US government announced an executive order unraveling key environmental laws, LeDaveed is proud to announce that we have signed onto Patagonia's 1% for the Planet alliance, committing to donate 1% of our annual sales, forever, to environmental causes.

What we continue to learn about fashion’s impact on the environment is alarming. The leather and textile industries – two areas of particular interest for us – are major offenders. One does not have to see too many images of glowing purple rivers in Bangladesh, or anonymous factories in China with huge smokestacks, to get the point.
It is important to acknowledge that all companies which sell products or services, have an office, or use air travel – including ours – contribute to climate change and have an obligation to keep their impact on the planet light. However, far too many continue to avoid their responsibility.

The specific focus areas for LeDaveed’s work on climate change are:

1) Designing a highly responsible supply chain – down to our plastic-free packaging – which minimizes environmental harm;

2) Inventing, with our partner Heinen Leather, what we believe is the most socially responsible bag leather in the world (stay tuned!);

3) Ensuring that you – our customers – buy product that lasts, and can be repaired if it ever breaks, so you don’t throw it away;

4) Imposing this 1% Earth Tax on ourselves; and

5) Always considering ourselves to be part of an interwoven group of stakeholders, which include the community and environment – represented by the interlocking diamonds in our logo.

We hope our commitment to this important alliance inspires other companies to follow suit, and carry themselves with purpose. We are proud to be a part of it.