Oh, man.

Oh, man.

My face is flushed, my skin is dry because I’m dehydrated, and my heart is beating fast. This week has entailed a lot of reflection, a lot of excitement, and mostly, a lot of anxiety. If you asked me a year ago whether I’d be taking the train to Montreal, working from a factory floor, and taking lunch breaks at a dumpy diner, I would have laughed.

Yet on Monday, before an intense afternoon of photography, videography, price negotiations, and final on-the-fly design decisions, there was this moment of “WTF – is this happening?” All while Shira toughed out the flu, and at one point she looked to be on the brink of collapse.

There we are, Shira and I, hands-on in production with our Rayata Accessories team.
It was an incredibly special, and even moving, experience - to see our designs, our materials, and our vision - coming together with such respect and integrity. And with that came a first-time entrepreneur's anxiety.

“Do people give a s**t about quality? About social responsibility? Does the pricing make sense? Are we writing the (soon-to-be-launched) e-mail campaign the right way? Is the website going to be ready on time? Are the bags going to sell? What if they sell out quickly? What if they don’t sell?”

Reflection, excitement, and anxiety. All part of this incredible journey. And all part of laying it on the line!