The Leather Backpack


The Leather Backpack

Bold. Durable. Professional.

“Classic leather bags that are timeless and age incredibly gracefully”

“I’ve had a lot of leather bags and I’ve gotten to evaluate and review a lot of different brands, and can honestly say that I can’t think of a better bag to use as an example of quality.”

“Andrew Dale became one of the most recognizable names in investment banking in Toronto. Then, to the surprise of finance-watchers in the city, he quit to set up his own line of small-batch, high-end leather bags.”

“LeDaveed, which manufactures tech and fashion forward premium leather products, are building on a mixture of local pride and talent to fuel their growth.”

“They're seriously stunning”

“He brought a briefcase to the interview that I liked so much I bought it from him on the spot”

“They are high-quality, masculine, and the colour-palette featured rich browns and blacks”

“One of the first leather goods companies in the world to achieve Certified B Corporation status for exceptional quality standards and enviro-social performance”

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